Mashed peas and broad beans on toast

Mashed peas and broad beans on toast

This is such an easy recipe but the most labour intensive part is podding the broad beans but it's worth doing if you're going to make this as they can be really bitter. 

Firstly, pod the beans and once they are cooked take them out of their shell. While you are podding the beans cook the peas, and run them under cold water when you've drained them.

Mashed peas and broad beans on toast

Once both the peas and the beans are cooked combine them and add the Creme fraiche, lemon juice, basil, and salt and pepper.

Blend them with a hand blender or just a fork, making sure to leave some whole bits of beans and peas so that the mixture has a bit of texture.

Toast your bread, butter it, and spoon the beans and peas on top. Adding a poached egg is a delicious option!


750g broad beans (unpadded) 

100g frozen peas 

A generous glug of extra virgin olive oil 

Juice of half a lemon 

1 heaped tbsp of creme fraiche 

6-8 leaves of basil 

Salt and pepper 


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